I am dedicated to helping others expand and fulfill their potential through improving their mental, emotional and spiritual well being. While the immediate goal is to help clients get practical stability back in their lives with all tools that are available, I ultimately believe people have the capacity to be self reliant, recover and heal completely. Using a holistic approach to understanding problems, we take the time to understand together how everything is connected, and that life’s challenges can overwhelm one’s capacity to cope in many ways.

I work with adults of all ages, as well as adolescents in selected cases. We provide coaching, counseling, and therapy (with or without medications). I also work closely with therapists if you already have one, providing medication management as well as advice and guidance on how lifestyle and physical health impacts our mental and emotional well being. If we find that you need a particular approach, I direct an extensive network of affiliated health care professionals and healers.

As clients gain new insights, our focus oftenаshifts to maximizing your potential in your career. аI offer a tailored advisory service to help you find the right path forward. аOur clients have great success in obtaining admission to colleges and graduate schools, landing jobs and starting businesses. а а

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: The content presented on is for informational purposes only. Assessment and treatment should always be directed through one-on-one consultation with a trained professional. ай Jehangeer Sunderji 2014